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Friday, 2 December 2016

Top 5 Things to Consider While Selecting Language Translation and Interpretation Services

Are you willing to gain a competitive edge for your organization over others while expanding internationally? If yes, then language translation companies are surely the best way to give a head start to your business in the right direction. Having a professionally trained and experienced team of translators in various languages, such companies can significantly help you in increasing your share in the global market.

Monday, 14 November 2016

French to Chinese Translation Services for your Website’s Language Friendliness

There are some fundamentals when you are keen to establish your brand in a different country; it doesn’t matter which country we are talking about. However, in China, there are not many options available for you if you are not planning your ads according to the prevalent marketing norms. Be it online ads or be it other ways like led screens, hoardings etc, Chinese tend to do the things in their own different way. Examples like replacing Google with their own search engine in China, or existence of their own instant messaging app like We Chat.

Furthermore, the usage of their own social networking sites like shows that Chinese residents prefer to use homemade. Yes, that’s (homemade) the key word for a successful online marketing agenda. To make sure your brand image fits in the Chinese resident’s minds well it’s very important for you to hire a professional native French-Chinese translation company. Hiring a good company will ensure that there are no language barriers on your website for any Chinese when he browses through your content and product.

How Chinese translation company can benefit you?

  • First of all nothing fits in a resident’s mind better than the native language.
  • Also, when it comes to the Chinese market, a native translation company will not just provide you easy and catchy content but will also help you finding various online platforms and mediums to grab maximum eyeballs.
  • They are the ones who know which content to add in which way to ensure maximum views.
  • They know well the buying cultures and festive seasons of China.
  • They are the best people to suggest you about the discounts and marketing strategies.
  • Also, they might help you (Up to a certain extent) with specific keywords while designing your website to ensure maximum optimization of their native search engine.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

German to Chinese Translators – 4 Ways to Hire the Best Translation Company

With the recent two digits economic growth, the Chinese market has emerged as the strongest markets. The purchasing capacity of the citizens is catching with the western world. However, making inroad into the Chinese market takes a lot of effort, and among all those efforts, communication with the Chinese population is the strongest challenge.

The biggest barrier for effective communication is the diversity; e.g., Mandarin is used in Beijing and Shanghai, but in Guangzhou, Cantonese is a primary language, and Hong Kong has its own version.

If you are a German company and wants to leave an impression in China, the job gets more difficult, given the difference between the two. In such cases, it is necessary to hire a professional translation company that can render effective German to Chinese translation. However, to hire an appropriate company, you need consider many factors.
  1. The primary step should be is to check the credentials of the company through various sources. A certified company employs numbers of professionals, ranging from linguists to project managers to IT people; checking about the employees give a great peek into company’s ability. For Chinese-to-German or English-to-German translation, nativity plays a big role, given the cultural underpinning of the communication. Always ensure if the company employs the right people.
  2. The next factor is the quality; for this, ask for the work samples. These samples will helps you to gauge up if the company can fulfill your demand.
  3. The price quote is also an important factor; you must check and compare the price quotes for your required project from different companies, and select the one that provides the best value for money.
  4. Ensure to get a reference letter from the companies that the translation company offered service to; also check if the company is registered.
To sum up, if you consider these factors, your German-Chinese translation will create a communication channel that will resonate with Chinese population.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Factor to Consider For Choosing an Appropriate Business Translation and Localization Services for Your Business

The biggest barriers for multinational corporations to enter an untapped market are the language and cultural underpinnings, since you cannot just replicate your business plans and strategies. For your business to expand in new market, you need a translation partner that can provide multitude of expertise for transcreation and interpreting contracts and other related documents.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Reliable Chinese Language Services from MTS

The expertise required for language translation is unparalleled; knowing a language does not fit the bill. You need to be a linguist, understanding the cultural pitfalls associated with a language and region. And when one needs to translate official documents, newsletters, contracts, or brochures, the job gets tougher; you need to understand the legal underpinnings, since the meaning of legal jargons varies with region and misinterpreting a legal document can have a great implications. Therefore, it is crucial that experts must do language translations.

Friday, 3 June 2016

The Best German Chinese translation Service

Ask a person who knows German or is a native German speaker to translate “verschlimmbessern”, “das fernweh” or “torschlusspanik” into English. Their puzzled reply will tell you that there are some terms that cannot be translated.

If you want to complicate it to another level, translate Chinese into German. Chinese that we all know of is not a single language. Chinese based on a simple classification scheme can be grouped into 7 and 13 regional groups. The most spoken Chinese language is Mandarin, almost by a billion people, which is followed by Wu, Yue (60 million) and Min. Unlike English or German, all variations in Chinese language are tonal and analytic.

However, the growing dominance of Chinese economy is making translation of it into other Franca lingual necessary. Therefore, before hiring a translator, it is important that you understand the complexities that will be associated with language translation.

There are few things that you need to care about.
  • Before hiring a German Chinese translator or translation service, you need to determine which Chinese language is need to be translated in the desired language, as unlike other standardized language, Chinese varies based on the region. The same is true for English-to-German and German-to-English translation.
  • To translate official documents, such as manuals and contracts, it is better to get service that has credible highly qualified translators, having proved their competencies before.
  • In case of translation of Chinese to other languages, such as Chinese to German, it is advisable to hire based in China, since it requires higher degree of qualification and understanding, not yet easily available in the western world.
Master Translation Services (MTS), with numbers of linguist experts, is one of the best service providers that make sure your technical documents, software instructions, and website content is translated without any misinterpretation.

To avail our 100% quality German language translation service, please contact us or call 1-800-986-6870 for a free consultation.

Friday, 6 May 2016

The Growing Dominance of Chinese Translation Services Across the Globe

Language is a dynamic entity – it constantly undergoes transmogrifications.  Moreover, it is highly imperative that the translated content abides by the language customs, tenor and is in vogue keeping the target audience in mind. So it becomes mandatory that professional linguists ensure brevity while preparing core content. Their work should depict complete understanding of culture, style and tone of the target audience. Prominent providers of Chinese translation services do the same.

Chinese- an ideographic Language

Unlike other popular languages, Chinese differs in being an ideographic language, whose characters are a composition of two elements. The first of these parts represents the meaning of a word, and the second is phonetic part- representing sound & intonation in that word. Contrary to the traditional writing system, simplified writing system differs in the reduction of- number of strokes and characters.

Need of Chinese translation services

As we know that world is shrinking and synchronizing simultaneously, so geographical and linguistic barriers are no more a challenge in communication. Hence, in order to procure effective business strategy, you need to know the benefits of using efficient translation service prior to utilizing them to their maximum potential. While globalization stretches its wings everywhere, China remains the front runner among list of leading nations. Chinese products are flourishing rampant in the worldwide market.Hence, if you are mulling at localizing your website into the Chinese language, it could prove a significant boost for your business.

Various language services

The experienced linguistics with the aid of technology and tools work robustly to fetch desired results in almost all sectors, irrespective of- file, format or content. The team of Chinese software engineers and quality assurance editors can localize any website or software product and ensure its translation irrespective of it being HTML, Java, PHP or Peri driven website.

The Chinese language services cover a wide spectrum such as- legal, medical, technical, multilingual search engine optimization, interpretation, voice-overs, transcription, software localization, website translation etc. Should you wish to avail the services of any of the renowned service providers in this field, perhaps a thorough online search would be ideal.

Monday, 18 April 2016

The Importance of Language Translation Services in Present Age

No matter how popularly English as a language is spoken around the world, there still are large groups of people,who work with and understand only their ‘regional’language.Amid the spread of globalization, this is exactly the situation a multinational enterprise sturdily demands for professional language translation services to pitch its products and services to its target audience residing in a different language boundary.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to Choose a Chinese Translation Service Provider?

The most important consideration when picking a Chinese transplantation service to handle your website is, trust. You probably don’t know Chinese language, so there are a few things you’ll need to consider when choosing a Chinese translation company.

How can you be sure your content has the same meaning when translated into Simplified or Traditional Chinese language?

In order to know the right version to use, you need to consider you target audience:
  • Hong Kong: Traditional Chinese
  • Taiwan: Traditional Chinese
  • Mainland China: Simplified Chinese
  • Singapore: Simplified Chinese
However, hundreds of companies trust Master Translation Services as they hold a vast experience of working with Chinese to English and English to Chinese translations. They’ll deliver your documents back to you on time, the way you want them, and at the price they quoted you.

The reasons to choose Master Translation Services:

  • They provide high-quality translation and localization services to their clients
  • They are committed to providing total satisfaction to their highly-esteemed customers
  • They stick to their promises
  • They offer high-quality solutions and services that are both affordable and reliable
  • They are honest and open with their customers
  • They value the creativity, dedication, innovation, imagination, and courage that drive them to excellence
  • They don’t cut corners; every project gets their full attention
So, whether you need certified Chinese translation services, Japanese translation, Korean translation or German-Chinese translation services, you will always receive consistent top quality translation services at competitive rates with no harm to quality.

The company has exceptional expertise in Chinese language translation. You can totally depend on Master Translation Services for your translation needs. They can transform your website and software application to be suitable for the Chinese audience.

Not sure whether to use simplified Chinese translation or Traditional Chinese Translation? No problem, contact MTS and get a free consultation.

To know more about how German Chinese Translators can be your advantage, visit now!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Traditional Chinese translation and Chinese localization services – A rapidly rising phenomenon

The foremost thing which Chinese localization specialist will ask you while you are requesting a quote for a Chinese Project will be, "What kind of Chinese would you prefer, traditional or simplified?" Traditional Chinese comes into effect when you are targeting Macao, Hong Kong etc. In terms of spoken forms of Chinese for China, the dialects used are Cantonese as well as Mandarin.

Different places in the country have a slight difference in their accents and the way of speaking; hence, you need to make sure that your company in China does not take a backseat. For your company to do well, you certainly require a traditional Chinese translation company and Chinese localization services. Let us look at the reasons why you require them. They are as follows:

Why opt for Chinese translation and Chinese localization services?

  • Chinese translation: By acquiring the services of Traditional Chinese translation company, the company would certainly benefit from translation in Chinese, editing as well as proofreading.

  • Dubbing: The Chinese translation and location service can help in dubbing and Chinese voiceover.

  • Subtitles in Chinese: Making the subtitles in Chinese can benefit your company in the long run.

  • Multimedia localization: Notably, localization can make people feel closer to the company as they would understand it better as compared to not localizing through Multimedia.

How Chinese Translation and localization is helpful?

Here is how these services can benefit businesses:

  • Websites: These services can increase the number of people visiting the site hence contributing to enhanced traffic to your website. Such translation and localization companies translate the content in Chinese and make it easier for the public to understand.

  • Packaging: Translation makes it a lot easier to identify the language written on packages and goods.

  • Video content: These companies provide subtitles in Chinese for video content in English for the native people in the country.

To summarize, it is now a necessity to opt for companies offering traditional Chinese translation and localization services. Those who adopted this trend earlier are reaping rich dividends and setting milestones for others to follow.