Tuesday, 9 August 2016

German to Chinese Translators – 4 Ways to Hire the Best Translation Company

With the recent two digits economic growth, the Chinese market has emerged as the strongest markets. The purchasing capacity of the citizens is catching with the western world. However, making inroad into the Chinese market takes a lot of effort, and among all those efforts, communication with the Chinese population is the strongest challenge.

The biggest barrier for effective communication is the diversity; e.g., Mandarin is used in Beijing and Shanghai, but in Guangzhou, Cantonese is a primary language, and Hong Kong has its own version.

If you are a German company and wants to leave an impression in China, the job gets more difficult, given the difference between the two. In such cases, it is necessary to hire a professional translation company that can render effective German to Chinese translation. However, to hire an appropriate company, you need consider many factors.
  1. The primary step should be is to check the credentials of the company through various sources. A certified company employs numbers of professionals, ranging from linguists to project managers to IT people; checking about the employees give a great peek into company’s ability. For Chinese-to-German or English-to-German translation, nativity plays a big role, given the cultural underpinning of the communication. Always ensure if the company employs the right people.
  2. The next factor is the quality; for this, ask for the work samples. These samples will helps you to gauge up if the company can fulfill your demand.
  3. The price quote is also an important factor; you must check and compare the price quotes for your required project from different companies, and select the one that provides the best value for money.
  4. Ensure to get a reference letter from the companies that the translation company offered service to; also check if the company is registered.
To sum up, if you consider these factors, your German-Chinese translation will create a communication channel that will resonate with Chinese population.

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